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Pixie Wings

Posted on 18 Nov 2019

If you are interested in fantasy, then you will be happy with Pixie Wings released by Pragmatic Play, since this video slot is one of the treasures of the fantasy genre. On the reels you will notice pixie people, magic trees and some other stuff. The graphics is very nice, which is an important factor but this slot offers more than just a pretty graphics.

What does the gameplay look like in case of Pixie Wings? You will see a 5x4 reels layout, which is considered slightly bigger than regular. There are a total of 50 lines, which are fixed. The most impressive rewards that the game can come up with will be valued at $2,500. This slot machine relies on wild symbols, on scatter symbols, free spins and super stacked symbols.

One thing that is predictable about the betting system used in Pixie Wings is that you will need to have a minimum of 50 coins in your wagers, since 50 lines are fixed inside. You can increase the number as well if you want to, reaching up to 500 coins with your bets, as many as 10 coins being selected for each line. You can have a maximum coin value of $0.50, and so the biggest wagers will get to $250.

One of the symbols available in Pixie Wings is a wild and that’s the one that can deliver a bigger payout, worth up to $2,500. It appears that the features make up for the lower rewards though, so the slot still ends up with an RTP of 96.51%.

I’ve mentioned it already, but the wild symbol needs a closer look, since it can do more than just form combinations which pay the biggest rewards of this latest slot. Wilds are also going to be substitutes when combined with different regular symbols, provided that there are requirements that are met first. They’re not usable as scatters, but they can be selected as mystery stacked symbols during free spins.

Speaking of those free spins, you will get them when the Bonus Tree symbols appear in three or more scattered locations, on any of the five reels. The feature starts off with a choice that you have, of a free spins mode and an associated symbol being turned into a super stacked version. Depending on which of the four male or female pixies you choose here, you can get between 5 and 11 free spins. There is also a fifth option, with a randomly chosen symbol, out of the four pixies and the wild, which will be turned into a super stacked icon for 3 to 12 free spins. The reels which are selected for the free spins are different from the ones available during regular spins.

The pixie theme is pretty common, you can find many slot machines that actually uses the same theme. These games tend to take the action inside magical forests, while the reels get multiple images of pixies. What I found unusual about this game is that pixies come in both male and female versions, while in every other slot machine only the females are shown. Here, the four characters look almost like Elves, sporting the same pointy ears, but they also have wings. The lower symbols of the game are getting fairytale style poker cards.

Pixie Wings is a must if you are into fantasy themed slots, not only because it has a very nice graphics and design, but also because it has very spectacular features.