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888 Dragons

Posted on 18 Nov 2019

888 Dragons

888 Dragons is a Chinese themed  classic slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play. Probably it is not your first time to meet with a slot game focusing on Asian style dragons. What sets it apart from the other releases is, that being a 3 reel game applying only 3 symbols on its reels. It is recommended especially to the fans of regular classic slots.

888 Dragons has created with a simple layout, which selects 1 active line for 3 reels. Since it is a regular game, there are no extra features to be found. A big reward in it can reach a value of $500.

Fort he betting and prizes offered, you can have 1 active line, thus your bets cannot change this particular section of the bet. Altough you get the possibility to boost the number of coins are used for one line, with  a maximum of 10 being allowed. The denomination of the coins is variable as well, ranging from as small as $0.01 to as high as $0.50. Summarizing, the availability of using the betting ranges of $0.01 to $5 per spin.

Going forward to the jackpot, you get the oppurtinity for a win of 1,000 coins, or up to $500. It’s a 100x multiple of the line bet, working anyway since the combinations are far easier to form comparing with other games, presenting a big advantage to this slot. Prooving it, your average RTP reflects that as well, being at 96.84%. One of the most attracting pros is you are prvided an exlusively large chance to manage to be very profitable only with the simple route.

If you prefer the basic, simple design this is your game for certain. 888 Dragons doesn’t offer you extra features  that would have an influence of the way you are playing. Do not dawdle your time by searching for a wild, as it is a real classis slot you won’t find any. Altough you can access the line-up dragons on the active line, and they will form combinations.

888 Dragons offers you three symbols in the game, all of them taking you to the mysterious world of Chinese culture, such as Dragons, colored in gold, green and blue. The combinations can be shaped with three matching dragons, or with three mixed dragons. As long as all positions on the line are occupied, you get paid. In addition, the presence of only three symbols helps you form combinations with a high frequence, so you’re not going to miss having features. 888 Dragons provides you reliable winning system with appealing rewards, especially if you do not trust on the unfixed features and wild.

Moving to the theme for 888 Dragons is obviously about dragons, the one of the most essential character of the Chinese legends. Do not worry about these grapics would be worn-out, Pragmatic Play offers you a unique but simple design of it. The dragons are shown as two-headed versions, one on each end of the creature. The three symbols can be gained, makes the dragons get colored in gold/red, green/yellow and in dark/light blue.

Taking an overall view of the game, it is far more attracting than a typical 3 reel slot. The paytable is on the left side, while the reels are on the right. The Chinese style graphics are so enthusiastic, so you deffiniteky won’t regret to try this game. Ont he top of that, 888 Dragons is one of the most profitable 3 reel slot machines and the simplest that I’ve seen so far.