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Gold Train

Posted on 15 Nov 2019

A train themed slot machine which has a 3 reel layout, this is what you get if you check Gold Train out by Pragmatic Play. The interesting part here is the 3 reel layout, the train theme is not something you cannon find somewhere else. We all know Pragmatic Play likes to create interesting classic slots, with higher than average RTP. This slot is not an exception either.

Let's talk a little bit about how the game looks like, shall we? For Gold Train’s 3 reels, there are 3 active lines present. You can go after a top prize of $2,500 when you play the game and rely on regular combinations, but the features and its progressive jackpots could bring you even more. The slot’s wild symbols and scatters are accompanied by a bonus feature.

3 active lines are placed on the 3 reels of Gold Train each round, the player being required to use them all. You can cover these lines with as many as 10 coins, sporting denominations of $0.01 to $0.50. The full range of a bet in Gold Train is between $0.03 and $15.

There is no knowing how much you can get from the slot’s progressive bonus feature, but we do know how big the slot’s regular jackpot can get. It can offer up to 5,000 coins, whose value will not go past $2,500. The RTP looks great, being set to an impressive 97.16%.

Looking at the features that are introduced with Gold Train, I’d say that a lot of attention from the player will go towards the Wild symbol, which is the one that’s showing you the locomotive of the Gold Train. Get two wild symbols on a line, and the reward will be at 50 coins. Get three to cover the full line, and you can win 5,000 coins at most. Naturally, wild symbols are more often than not going to be part of other combinations, where the rewards will be smaller. Scatters or upgrade symbols are not replaceable with wilds.

The Silver Ticket is the scatter that you can land on up to 9 positions at the same time. With 3 or more you will have access to the Progressive Bonus Feature. This feature grants the player a number of carriages which will each deliver a cash prize. The cash prize value is picked at random, while the number of carriages will be at a minimum of 10. Additional carriages can be added to the total by landing Golden Tickets while you’re playing the paid spins. Each Golden Ticket that you collect will add between 4 and 10 carriages to the total that will be used during the next bonus feature that you trigger. You don’t have a limit to how many carriages you can accumulate this way. These Golden Tickets can also be found in the carriages that you win in the bonus feature, and once again you get additional carriages from them.

It is clearly visible how this slot is related to the Wild West type of steam train, you cannot see this in use nowadays. The steam locomotive is visible in the wild symbol, while other related images include the silver and gold tickets, the bells, flags and the conductor’s cap. There are even three stacked Bar logos which use the train’s track in their design. The only unrelated symbol is the one showing the triple red 7.

Despite having an unusual theme, this classic slot has a bunch of pros like the high RTP, which is already a very good reason to check it out.