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Queen of Gold

Posted on 14 Nov 2019

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the title Queen of Gold? Probably not a video slot based on Ancient Egypt. I don't blame you. Pragmatic Play's Queen of Gold is a video slot based on Ancient Egypt, on the reels you can see that the images show gods which were worshipped back then. What do we get here? A game with decent features and nice graphics. Good job Pragmatic Play! This slot machine has 5 standard reels and a 6th one reserved for multipliers and Jokers.

What does the game offer? It offers progressive jackpots, but it seems capable of delivering regular payouts of up to $10,000 as well. The feature list contains the wild symbols, up to 10x multipliers, scatters and free spins.

Since you will be using 25 lines each spin, you will have to use a minimum of 25 coins in your bet. You can have between 25 and 250 coins total, each line getting as many as 10 coins. The final option lets you choose the denomination of the coin, which varies between $0.01 and $0.50. You can apparently wager up to $5 on a single line, with the total reaching $125.

The rewards seem best when coming via the progressive features, but there are some decent regular combinations to form as well. Those will pay up to 2,000 coins, worth at most $1,000. Multipliers can boost the value up to $10,000 though. Looking at the Return to Player percentage, which is at 96.50%, I think that the game looks good enough here to warrant a closer look.

First, we have the Pharaoh Wild, one of the symbols that you’re going to rely on fairly often, and which will get you a lot more wins as you continue to play this slot. It is used as a replacement, nothing else, and it can be combined with any of the regular symbols to get you a prize. It can’t take the place of the scatter, but that’s not something that is expected of it anyway.

The first, third and fifth reels are going to show you the other feature symbol of the game, the scatter. It has as its image a blue pyramid and the Bonus logo in front. To get anything out of them, these scatters have to be in position on all three reels. If that happens, you get a small cash prize and access to its 10 free spins. Additional free spins can be won, if you retrigger the feature.

As the game loads, there is another feature that I expect will get your attention immediately. It’s the 6th reel that the game offers, and which has multipliers and Jokers on it. The wins that you get each round will be multiplied by the number displayed on the 6th reel.

The progressive triggering feature is reached by collecting points as you play the game. You get a chevron that you can place on the reels, in any position, and if a Queen symbol appears in it, then you get one point. To get to the next level, you either need 5 points collected within 25 spins, or to get a Joker on the 6th reel.

It is time to discuss the theme of the game. The theme is a typical example for Ancient Egypt themed games, showing off images of Ancient Egypt and their gods on the reels. There is the image of the queen, but there are also others with Horus, Anubis or Bast. The poker cards which are present are designed to look somewhat inspired by the theme.

Let's be honest, the theme of the game is overused, quite common so it is not really exciting. The features are decent though, the way the progressive feature is structured is pretty nice as well.