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888 Gold

Posted on 14 Nov 2019

888 Gold

If you are looking for a regular slot machine dressed is modern style, your best choice can fall into the 888 Gold. The developer of the game is Pragmatic Play, afford you a 3 reel slot with attracting Chinese design, which is not that easy to find at all.

A forwarding improvement- made by Pragmatic Play- is the use of 1 to 5 active lines for each spin of the 3 reels. The best payout you can achieve up to $30,000, which sounds so impulsive. For the features, a regular wild symbol is available inside, to help you make the slot profitable.

Furthermore, you the wager section has such a great benefit, as allow you to modify anything you want, within the given parameters set by the developer. For one of them, there are possibilities to vary the number of active lines, from 1 to 5, which is quite individual among the Pragmatic Play’s games. The number of coins selected for one line is also variable, applying 1 to 10 coins for each one. Finally, make a decision on the denomination of the coins, and here you will find the upper limit as high as $0.50. Summarizing, you will realize that you can spend up to $5 for a single line and up to $25 for all of them. If you prefer the smaller bets, you are provided to trigger with as little as $0.01 too.

If you take a deep insight into the prizes of 888 Gold- displayed next to the reels- take a notion of that not all lines are created equal. The rule applied pretty simple, as the more active lines you get, the better the chance that your top jackpot will arrieve from one that pays more. The first line will give only 1,000x, the second line 2,000x, the third one 3,000x, the fourth line 4,000x, while the fifth line pays the biggest possible prize, of 6,000x. Turning this amount into cash, the rewards you are able to obtain anywhere starts from $5,000 even to $30,000 by using the maximum bet. With theese offers, 888 Gold makes a purpose for giving an exlusive rewarding system for its players.

If you’re a fan of simpler classic slots, you will be satisfied and happy to hear that this game offers only a simple wild symbol. This wild can beoccupied in an excellent way to manage to gain the top jackpot, when forming its own combo. In the remaining time, the wild behaves as a substitute, which is combined with one or two matching symbols to help you reach a win that wouldn’t have been possible without it. Since it’s the only feature icon presented, there are no restriction in connection with other symbols at all.

In 888 Gold you can meet with Chinese themed graphics, which is used in modern slots quite frequently, but it is very rare in classic slots though. With this combination you can enjoy all of the advantages if the regular slot, while the design you watch is so appealing to keep your attention high. In addition The graphics quality is such an excellent, to make one more succeed to the game’s list.

Wide variety of symbols are provided, such as the red 8, the Gold Coin, 3 Bar, 2 Bar, 1 Bar and Paper Lanterns. It’s a smart mix of Chinese and classic icons.

As a conclusion, 888 Gold is a decent looking classic slot machine. With an exlusive RTP and its simple nature, it can attract plenty of players for certain.

Let’s make a try and enjoy the fantastic facilities of the game of 888 Gold!