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Hercules: Son of Zeus

Posted on 13 Nov 2019

Hercules: Son of Zeus

Hercules: Son of Zeus slot game is created by the story of Hercules, one of the most popular heroes of the mythology of Ancient Greece. The basis of Hercules is that as a demi-god, his parents were Zeus- the major god- and a human woman. The design was handled by Pragmatic Play, so be sure, you won't get upset if you try Hercules: Son of Zeus.
Awesome features with highly appealing winning combinations must fascinate every player.

This is a real modern slot having 5 reels. You recieve 4 symbols each reel, so there will be a total of 50 lines formed on them each spin. Your maximum possible reward can raise up to $4,000 by the game, while enjoying features including wilds, scatters and free spins.

In this game numerous coins are placed to use in the wagers. You are presented 50 fixed lines, and so you need to have multiples of 50 coins selected for your bets. You are available to apply the maximum of 500 coins in a single round, if the lines are each getting 10 coins. The values of the coins range even from $0.01 to $0.50. The possibility of setting up a bet is up to $5 for one line, thus the total amount is gaining even $250. The minimum amount you are required to put is $0.50.

You are provided great chances of large rewards with the right combination of five symbols. In this case you can be eligible to pay 800x back, meaning up to $4,000.

Among the features- offered by Hercules Son of Zeus- you will discover the wild, the main symbol of the slot machines. Applying the wild you have the opportunity to arrange a wide range of combinations with any regular symbol. Doing so, the wild is behaving as a replacement for a symbol that is missing and without the combo cannot be formed. Take a notice, that wilds can’t act as replacements for scatters though. These symbols has a image of temple’s entrance in it.

You will definitely meet with the Zeus Coin- is the scatter of the game- presented on the reels 2, 3 and 4 frequently. As a far great offer you are eligible to 6 free spins by having three scatter symbols appear during a single round. The scatters will supply a reward of 2x your bet.

One of the unique features of the slot is the reels used in the free spins are special, thus you won't recieve the same odds as in the base game. At the start of each spin one wild is placed on the middle 3 reels. These wilds are going to be locked in their position for the remainder of the free spins. Each scatter you have been collected at this point will add a single free spin to the total. The number of free spins can be won is infinite giving one more pro to the game.

You can gain a lot inspiration from Hercules himself in the action, in addition the reels are filled with images of creatures that he encountered in his travels.  The images displayed in this slot are clearly taken from the Ancient Greece stories, mean on the the three headed dog Cerberus, to the Minotaur and to creatures that look like boars, rams or eagles. The temple and the Zeus coin belong to the two feature symbols. You can find a couple of card logos in a Greek style inserted in their design.

To make a conclusion, Hercules: Son of Zeus takes you for a journey into the Ancient Greece, with fantastic graphics, and a couple of so appealing features.
Let's make a try now, and enjoy the amazing facilities of it!